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Thoughts of me…..written on 11.09.09

November 18, 2009

There are several situations within my life that are dead….near dead and/or just plain dead weight! Therefore, I am in “funeralizing” mode & prepping 4 what is “new”.

On the other hand….there are births & new beginnings that are fueling within my not so perfect world.

I appreciate family, friends, co-horts, collegues, former lovers, wannabe lovers…those I want to get to know better & those who desire to know what make me tick….I’m I satisfied? Hell Naw!!!! Honestly, I have satisfying moments but overall I’m hungry, thirsty & eageer to learn more about me……..Who? Me…….I spend a lot of time researching others but how much do I know about the woman born “Bethany Colette Williams” on August 11, 1968 in the Capital of The State of MS after de-segregation.

My entire life has been filled with multiculturism and believing that “America” a “melting pot” where all people can achieve their goals if they “only” believe in GOD almighty(I know successful atheist exist)…but America was built on the belief of GOD regardless of it’s checkered past…..belief in self plus work hard & smart.

It’s when I befriended became romantically involved & mentored by an intelligent & successful gentleman by the name of Rev. Charles Williams(Former/Late Indiana Black Expo(Circle City Classic) President that I began to see that a Black America & White America co-existed. Many of you had the pleasure of meeting and/or working with the late Rev. Charles Williams of Indianapolis, IN. He passed away from prostate cancer in summer in 2005. He wrote a book which I haven’t read yet, but will soon. Regardless of the age difference( I was 23 & he was 45 when we met in Jackson,MS;we were a couple for 2yrs. from 93-95 and remained friends & supporters of one another) at the time we met we had a genuine, well-balanced & loving relationship which probably would have lead to us sharing dual lives in IN & MS if I had not “weened” myself from him. Obviously, we loved each other & was in love with one another.:) The last time we actually talked by phone was in 2000/2001…..long b4 he was diagnosed with prostate cancer. Ironically, a couple of months b4 he passed away I had called one of his best friends(his wife said the “best friend” was at The Soul Train Awards Show at the time)….so I sent my “love”…Thank GOD …I’m still friends w/ his “friends”….and he remained “friends” w/ several of my friends.

When Charles & I were a couple & supportive friends I wondered why he weren’t a household name. The Indiana Black Expo is the largest of it’s kind in America plus many college football players get exposed to the public in a major way when their colleges/universities participate in the Circle City Classic….Charles would always brag about how….correct me if I’m wrong….how MS Valley University was a participant in if not the 1st Circle City Classic, but one of the 1st…..introducing a young, multi-talented athletic Super-Star by the name of Mr. Jerry Rice to the masses.

I hope ya’ll don’t mind me sharing with you. Please those that knew or only knew of the the late Rev. Charles Williams …Please don’t hesitate to share feedback/memories w/ me…..

I really thought I was only going to write the 1st two paragraphs…..Not!!!!!!

I send much luv to The Indiana Black Expo & the late Rev. Charles”Chuck”Williams loved ones…….
Thanksgiving is a fun & happy occassion….but we must remember to be “thankful”….I traveled to Indianapolis 3 or 4 times…and on two occassions I traveled there to spend the Thanksgiving holiday w/ my love……:)

I wish everyone a Happy Holiday season……I luv U!!!!!


I luv u…..

November 17, 2009

The Holiday season is quickly approaching us ….I wish u the BEST…